About ePermit

ePermit is a web-based service provided by Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd to facilitate the online application and approval of permits. It is one of the core services available under the National Single Window initiative accessible via mytradelink.  

You can apply permit from multiple Other Government Agencies (OGA) or Permit Issuing Agencies (PIA).

Approved permits will be routed to Sistem Maklumat Kastam (where applicable) for validation and cross-reference purposes against Customs declaration.


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DVS: Larangan Pengimportan Burung dari Negara Korea berikutan Wabak Selsema Burung (HPAI)
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DVS: Larangan Pengimportan Burung berikutan Wabak Selsema Burung (HPAI) di Negara Netherlands
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